A must-see for proposals and marriages! 12 recommended wedding ring brands for 2024, check out the latest diamond ring styles such as Cartier, Tiffany, and Harry Winston at once

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Worried about choosing a diamond engagement ring brand and ring style?From meeting and falling in love to deciding to walk down the aisle hand in hand, it will be the most important moment in anyone's life.Taipei101 shopping mallhaveThe most complete range of jewelry brands in Taiwan, including all heavyweight wedding ring brands, this articleSelected multipleWedding ring brands, includingdiamond wedding rings,diamond engagement ring, to accompany you towards a new chapter of happiness!If you have no idea about ring styles and brands, you may wish to read by the way7 major issues and tips about wedding ringsandBeginner’s Guide to Buying Wedding Rings,haveHelps you get started quickly.

鑽戒,戒指,戒子,婚戒怎麼挑?卡地亞、Tiffany、海瑞溫斯頓、寶格麗、Chaumet等12大品牌經典鑽戒、結婚戒指推薦!This time we take stock of the brand’s newest and most popular classic models that are most frequently asked about in stores, includingBoucheron, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chaumet, Chopard, De Beers, FRED, Harry Winston, MIKIMOTO, Piaget, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels(arranged in alphabetical order) and other top international jewelry brands, come and choose that destiny ring for yourself and your beloved partner!

Recommended brand 1. Boucheron

Boucheron寶詩龍Etoile de Paris 系列鑽戒[Etoile de Paris Series-New Series]

Boucheron is particularly inspired by the famous Place de l'Etoile to launch a new Etoile de Paris series of jewelry. This square has 12 avenues converging towards the center, which seems to be the bright road for lovers to foresee each other. Boucheron took this as inspiration and reinterpreted the image of the avenue with a delicate precious metal grid. The unique diamond grid design extending from the main diamond to the ring perfectly highlights the central main stone. The subtle stone-in-stone layering illusion exudes depth. beauty of. At the same time, Boucheron collaborated with Sarine Technologies, a global leader in diamond technology solutions, on the Etoile de Paris series, Boucheron achieved the highest level of success in its series.Aim to use 100% responsible and traceable gold.

Recommended brand 2. Bvlgari

BVLGARI寶格麗全新ROMA AMOR系列鑽石婚戒[ROMA AMOR series diamond wedding rings-new series]

Inspired by the passionate spirit and timeless beauty of Rome, Bulgari created the Roma Amor promise ring to bear witness to unconditional love. The English word "Roma" spelled backward is "Amor". This word means "love" and contains rich emotions. The Roma Amor ring symbolizes passion and unconditional bond, conveying a message of love that is louder than words and greater than dreams..Roma Amor diamond wedding ring in platinum with a round brilliant diamond in the center. Diamond weights start at 0.30 carats.

寶格麗Bvlgari Bvlgari對戒【Bvlgari Bvlgari ring】

Bvlgari's classic Bvlgari series of rings are made of rose gold and white gold, and the word "BVLGARI" is engraved on the ring. Each other can choose rings of different colors and the same style, which have a more meaningful connection. Both rings are set with a diamond, giving the simple and modern ring design a high-end feel.

Recommended brand 3. Cartier Cartier

Cartier卡地亞SOLITAIRE 1895系列鑽戒【SOLITAIRE 1895 Series】

Cartier classic wedding ring series pays the highest respect to love.The SOLITAIRE 1895 series of diamond rings has become a classic in the history of the Cartier brand more than a hundred years ago. It was named after its appearance in 1895. Since then, this unique Cartier four-prong diamond engagement ring has become a timeless masterpiece of Cartier rich in symbolic meaning. The work uses four prongs to fix a brilliant diamond, conveying an unwavering love vow. The ring has clean lines and its design reflects Cartier’s unremitting pursuit of simplicity and purity.Cartier卡地亞LOVE系列婚戒【LOVE Series】
Cartier pays the highest respect to love with its classic design. The LOVE series was born in New York in the 1970s. It has witnessed many lingering legendary loves and has become the embodiment of love declaration. The screw design and distinctive elegance become a symbol of eternal love.

Recommended brand 4. Chaumet

Chaumet約瑟芬Joséphine系列鑽戒【Joséphine Series】

CHAUMET, France's top jewelry brand, is closely connected with French history. It has been the royal jewelry brand of the French royal family since its founding in 1780. As the most cherished representative of Chaumet's "crowning of love", the Joséphine series cleverly transforms exquisite crowns into unique rings to crown the slender jade fingers, showing the soft femininity and paying homage to Joséphine, the first guest and muse of the Chaumet family. The queen salutes. Whether it is the iconic pear-shaped diamond, or the brilliant-cut diamond or cushion-cut diamond, the Joséphine series solitaire ring can be perfectly matched with the wedding rings of the same series, interpreting the tradition of the tiara in a new way and integrating it into modern jewelry.
Chaumet Liens Évidence系列婚戒

【Liens Évidence Series】

The Liens Évidence series wedding rings have an iconic three-dimensional line of "connection", which is simple yet romantic and profound. Liens means connection in French. This pair of rings also symbolizes the tight connection between people from two different corners of the world, bringing the two people closer and closer together, becoming the other half who accompanies and connects each other. The unique and meaningful designs are favored by newcomers. The styles have different materials, number of diamonds, and wide and narrow designs. There are quite a lot of choices.

Recommended brand 5. Chopard Chopard

Chopard蕭邦Ice Cube系列婚戒【Ice Cube Series】

Ice Cube has always been one of Chopard's most classic works. It is designed with a simple and perfect geometric shape, but it can put the finishing touch between your fingers. The cubes are smaller in size, polished or inlaid with diamonds, and arranged in fine rows. They are made of 18K gold, white gold and rose gold to create ever-changing ways of wearing. They can be worn alone as a wedding ring or stacked at will in daily life. In addition, the Ice Cube Rock series presents a new design. The cubes are made of 18K rose gold and brown ceramic materials certified by "Fairmining". They are closely arranged in rows. They are the distinctive jewelry of the new generation that shows distinctive personality and uniqueness. The preferred style of wedding rings that can be casual or gentle.

Recommended brand 6. De Beers De Beers

The classic slogan "A diamond is forever, a diamond will last forever" originated from De Beers, a pioneer in the diamond industry. As a symbol of immortal love given to diamonds, each natural diamond is made by a professional team with more than 130 years of diamond expertise. Experts carefully select each one by hand, and use timeless and simple inlay design to keep the classics in the fingers of lovers.

De Beers DB Classic 系列鑽戒【DB CLASSIC Series】

De Beers' classic DB Classic series design celebrates the timeless love story of Psyche, the god of soul, and Cupid, the god of love. This world-famous legendary love inspired the design of the DB Classic engagement ring. The classic V-shaped setting represents the spread wings of Cupid, the god of love, and cleverly raises the unparalleled center diamond to face the light, revealing the most dazzling light.
As the world's leading diamond company, De Beers' strict selection criteria for diamond selection have gone beyond the 4C standards to select diamonds with incomparable fire, vitality and brilliance, as well as ultimate beauty and unique personality. Therefore, there are only less than 1,000 diamonds in the world. 1% of natural diamonds are eligible for use in De Beers jewelry pieces. Every piece of De Beers diamond jewelry comes with a guarantee of authenticity detailing the characteristics of the piece and guaranteeing that it isEthically sourced and 100% conflict-free diamonds.

*[The 4C standard was pioneered by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) and later introduced to the industry by De Beers, becoming the international common language for diamond quality rating standards]

De Beers PROMISE 系列婚戒【PROMISE Series】

The pattern on the De Beers Promise You & Me ring is like a line of fate that leads two people, covering the entire ring and combining the two rings into one; at first glance, they appear to be independent of each other, but in fact they are inseparable, metaphorically speaking. Two independent individuals forge a sweet and eternal relationship. The textures of pavé diamonds and polished precious metals create a striking contrast.Just like the multi-colored ribbons used in the ancient British wedding custom of hand-tying, it symbolizes the union of two people's hearts.
*De Beers wedding ring series can be engraved with customized personal messages. For details, please go to the 101 store to inquire.

Recommended brand 7. FRED

FRED Pretty Woman Par Amour系列心型切割美鑽[Pretty Woman Par Amour series heart-shaped diamonds]

A single heart-shaped diamond ring with perfect proportions, surrounded by a ring of brilliant-cut diamonds, exuding extremely dazzling light. The two hearts on the ring exude a soft and delicate temperament that is hard to ignore. This solitaire diamond Birkin ring with a center stone of over one carat interprets the classic "heart to heart" aesthetic design of the Pretty Woman series in a new way.

FRED Pretty Woman Par Amour系列戒指【Pretty Woman Par Amour Series Ring】

FRED combines vivid lines, free and unrestrained design aesthetics with superb craftsmanship to exude the charm of timeless jewelry in the name of love. Par Amour extends the brand's classic Pretty Women series. The exquisite heart-shaped solitaire diamond echoes the sparkling half-heart-shaped diamond ring. The half-heart pattern on the finger is perfectly dependent on the half-heart pattern on the other half of the finger, forming a perfect Complete heart.

Recommended brand 8. Harry Winston Harry Winston

Harry Winston海瑞溫斯頓HW Logo 系列鑽石婚戒[HW Logo Series Diamond Wedding Ring]

Harry Wins, known as the "King of Diamonds"Suddenly there are manyThe number one dream diamond ring in people’s hearts! The classic HW Logo diamond engagement ring features a round brilliant-cut central diamond set on a platinum ring formed by the letters HW, as a symbol of everlasting love. "H" and "W" not only represent the acronym of the brand Harry Winston, but also represent the beautiful meaning of Husband and Wife, witnessing the extraordinary love ceremony, and also give the HW Logo diamond wedding ring a more sacred and steadfast meaning. . The ingenious design of setting a single center diamond shows the exquisite setting technology. The platinum base carefully crafted by Harry Winston’s design workshop on Fifth Avenue in New York perfectly reflects the moving light of the diamond.

Harry Winston海瑞溫斯頓HW Logo系列鑽石線戒【HW Logo Series Diamondsring

The H.W. Logo series combines the luxurious logo of the classic emerald cut shape with modern charm, exquisite and fashionable. The carefully polished bracelets and rings exude a bright luster, and the geometric shapes of the classic emerald cut are integrated into them. The brand's initials "H" and "W" are carefully engraved on them, showing the Harry Winston design. The essence of modern style. This series of works are available in three materials: 18K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Recommended brand 9. MIKIMOTO

MIKIMOTO Starry Night系列珍珠鑽戒[Starry Night Series Pearl and Diamond Ring]

Pearls are gemstones with unique meanings besides diamonds. They are elegant and pure, symbolizing health, cherishment and perfection, and gently blessing the wearer. Pearl means perfection, cherishment and preciousness. The warm tone and halo are like the complete warmth of love. As a wedding ring choice, it is unique and recommended to couples who love romance and elegance.The design of Starry Night is inspired by the twinkling stars in the night sky. The warm and full Japanese Akoya pearls are paired with dazzling diamonds to outline the bright stars in the universe, reflecting the eternal elegance of the moving gesture.

MIKIMOTO Graduation珍珠串鍊與耳環套組[Graduation Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set]

The Graduation set includes a pearl chain and a pair of single-bead earrings. The pearls on the chain are arranged from the button to the center of the necklace, from small to large, and then from large to small, showing the stages of "graduated", just like Every stage of life is an important pearl; coupled with the MIKIMOTO brand's iconic off-white ocean pattern square box packaging, the necklace and earrings can be presented at the same time, whether it is a gift or for personal use. Commemorative.

Recommended brand 10. Piaget

PIAGET Possession系列玫瑰金宮廷式雕刻飾紋鑲鑽戒指【Possession Series Ring】
Piaget's Possession series of rings, which represent emotions, use a rotatable design to tightly circle two K gold rings. The smoothness of the rotation is just like the ideal fit pursued in a perfect marriage relationship, leaving a suitable space for each other. Space. Whether it is white gold or rose gold, diamond-set or without diamonds, we offer a variety of different styles, allowing lovers to find the most suitable ring according to their preferences and that represents their own personality.

Recommended brand 11. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany

蒂芙妮Tiffany Setting 六爪鑲嵌鑽戒[Tiffany® Setting six-prong inlay]

Since 1837, for nearly 200 years, Tiffany has witnessed countless touching love stories. Each Tiffany ring represents the most sincere relationship, and the brand’s classic Tiffany Blue box is the symbol of love in many people’s minds. Love is the most beautiful imagination. In order to respond to every love, Tiffany uses the most stringent standards to carefully select only 0.04% of the world's top-grade diamonds to create jewelry. At the same time, Tiffany is a sustainable pioneer in the jewelry industry, providing transparent and clear diamond sources. Information, let pure and beautiful diamonds serve as the best witness of sincere emotions. The classic Tiffany Setting six-prong setting adopts a raised design, giving the diamond ultimate brilliance and becoming the focus of attention. It sets the standard for all engagement diamond rings and is an unparalleled design masterpiece.

Tiffany T True系列對戒【Tiffany T True Series】

Rings are an important symbol of emotional connection, whether you choose the same style or different styles. The classic Tiffany T True series is a geometric line pattern composed of diamond-like "T" letters. The right angles carved by sharp lines are full of structure. Wear it alone or match it with other styles, which perfectly reflects your uniqueness and uniqueness. A modern love story with the same appearance.

Recommended brands 12.Van Cleef & ArpelsVan Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels 梵克雅寶Menuet單顆鑽石戒指【Menuet solitaire diamond ring】
Since its establishment, Van Cleef & Arpels has been paying tribute to beautiful love stories and is recognized as the most representative token of the happy covenant. Van Cleef & Arpels selects diamonds according to the most stringent criteria. From extraordinary center diamonds to diamond-set wedding rings, Van Cleef & Arpels insists on selecting only extremely high-quality gemstones. The clarity of a single diamond reaches the IF to VVS2 level, and the color reaches D or Grade E; Wedding rings with a color grade of D, E or F give each piece a dazzling brilliance. The Menuet solitaire diamond ring, with its precisely cut square diamonds and charming sparkle, is reminiscent of the beautiful minuet that appeared during the reign of Louis XIV, giving a glimpse of the royal elegance of that time.

Van Cleef & Arpels 梵克雅寶Toujours Signature Etoiles婚戒【Toujours Signature Etoiles Wedding Ring】

The Maison's pairs of engagement and wedding ring sets allow lovers to easily compose a coherent love song, praising romantic love with elegant and comfortable rings. The design of the Toujours Signature Etoiles wedding ring is inspired by haute couture fashion. The low-key lines include a diamond-encrusted bow and a rhombus logo, showing extraordinary beauty in simplicity. The Maison allows prospective couples to engrave a declaration of love on their exclusive engagement and wedding rings through engraving services.

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